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Our multicultural Australian Church, reality, gift, challenge (2008)

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CRA’s 2008 National Assembly was held in Melbourne from 30 June to 3 July. Over the four days, congregational leaders  focused on culture and the growing multicultural nature of Australian society and the Catholic Church. They made a commitment to be people open to the 'other' or to the 'stranger', wherever they encounter one another.

Keynote speaker was Australia’s leading Catholic voice on multiculturalism. Professor Des Cahill presented religious leaders with a detailed look at Australia’s multicultural Church in a globalising multi-faith world.

In an absorbing presentation, he left no-one in any doubt that the face of Australia is changing as globalisation takes hold, leaving the Church in uncharted waters that must be journeyed across. He said the Australian Catholic Church is the most multicultural Catholic Church in the world. He suggested that its future will be as an immigrant Church with an Anglo-Irish remnant.

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