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CRA National Education Committee

Religious congregations have a long history of establishing and running Catholic schools in Australia. While their hands-on role has reduced in recent years, a number of congregations continue to own and operate schools and colleges.

This committee works on behalf of congregational leaders responsible for schools and colleges. It comprises a representative from each state, who come together to share information on a national level.  The committee offers advice to the CRA National Council on the involvement of Religious in the ministry of education. It provides information on issues, trends and areas of concern to the CRA representative on the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC). It also shares information from the NCEC with committee members. Two members of this committee are CRA’s representatives on NCEC.

Some of the issues the committee deals with are the movement towards congregations establishing new Public Juridic Person (PJP) structures to govern all or some of their works including schools, funding, the MySchool website and NAPLAN testing.