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Sunday, 13 August 2017 21:55

A spirituality for reaching out

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Sr Christa Murphy sspsSister Christa Murphy ssps writes about belief and the search for meaning in this article which reflects the same themes and voice of her upcoming book, Our Holy Ground: To Touch Within.

It’s sad, isn’t it, that so many people these days don’t know the basic, beautiful truth about us as human beings – the amazing, precious treasure that each of us is.

I couldn’t have written these words, and you wouldn’t be sitting here reading them, if the Great Divine Spirit, our Father-Mother God, had not breathed into us the
breath (ruah/spirit) of life, and birthed us into Life.

Each of us is spirit, soul, body (pneuma, psyche, soma). Each of us has our own personal share in the infinite Divine Spirit energy that exploded into the ‘Big Bang’,
and continues in the amazing, ever-expanding Spectacular of Creation.

We all share in the eternal Divine Name, which Moses was the first to hear, as he stood on ‘holy ground’ before the burning bush: “I Am Who I Am…this is my name for all generations to come” (Exodus 3:1-15).

We are ALL Beloved sons and daughters of the God who IS Life and Love. This is the basic dignity of every person ever born, or yet to be born.

“Our DNA is divine!” (Richard Rohr).

A true Spirituality becomes my total way of living. It’s how I live ‘out of the Spirit’ in my everyday reality. It’s about becoming more and more in touch with my own
holy ground, with my unique share in the Great Divine Spirit living deep within me, and sustaining me every moment of my existence.

A spirituality for reaching out 

Whether consciously or not, my Spirituality will gradually permeate all my relationships – with God, myself, others, and all of Creation. And it will reveal itself in the goodness, kindness, justice of my life.

Perhaps the deepest reason why God became one of us in Jesus was to reveal to us our ‘spirit-nature’. As truly one of us, Jesus himself had to grow into realising the depths of his own holy ground.

When this good man from Nazareth, searching for his mission in life, surrendered himself totally to the God of his life at his baptism-in the-Jordan experience, the Spirit within him responded by taking him over entirely. From then on, as the Gospels attest, Jesus was ‘led by the Spirit’ in all he said and did.

And, knowing deeply his own belovedness, he treated everyone he encountered as beloved son or daughter, as brother or sister in the family of God.

One of Vatican II’s most profound statements was that ‘grace is active invisibly in all people of good will’ (Church in Modern World/par. 22).

And Grace, if we don’t already know it, is the theological term for the Holy Spirit, the Divine Power who breathes everything into life. The Spirit is our interconnectedness – and the source of all that is good and true within us and among us.

As people who are aware of this tremendous truth, let us ‘claim’ it. And let us grow in living out of this holy ground of our inner being day by day. Then will our ‘reaching out’ truly be a blessing to our struggling world.

For more information on the launch and purchase of Sr Christa's book, please check the website of the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in Australia and Fiji or contact them through the website contact form.