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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 19:22

Hymn of healing for the Church

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broken jarOne of the beautiful songs heard at the recent CRA National Assembly was this beautful hymn by musician Marist Brother Michael Herry. It is offered as a prayer asking God’s forgiveness and hopefully a means of healing and justice for victims of sexual abuse in the Church. This piece is meant to be shared and used in communities holding healing services for the victims of abuse and their loved ones.

Listen to "Hymn of Healing for the Church" and download the sheet music from Marist Music.

The hymn's lyrics read like a prayer:

A Hymn of Healing for the Church

1. Here we stand in silent witness to the church we love and name,
Hearing pleas of children’s voices, for our part in sin and shame.
Father we have hurt so deeply; trust betrayed, dark secrets kept.
Now the truth cries out in daylight, tears of old now freely wept.

2. Stir in us a deep compassion, firm resolve to heal the past.
Help us understand the darkness, lest again it comes to pass.
Lord, we pray for those so wounded. Hear the cry of victims’ pain.
Help us seek the path of justice. Help us see the light again.

3. Finding hope in Jesus’ promise, ‘I am with you. Do not fear.’
Striving on through storm and struggle, knowing still our God is near.
Loving God, your mercy send, and like the fires that rake this land,
May new life in wondrous colour, through the ashes, bloom again.

(Featured image from the Marist Music website)