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Thursday, 27 July 2017 11:04

Palms Australia seeks volunteers for 2018

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 Many communities less fortunate than ours are looking for mentors to assist transform the lives and the futures of their people. Catholic Bishops and congregations in countries such as Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste are asking our assistance to strengthen the capacity of their dioceses, schools, clinics and other organisations. As a Catholic Mission and Development agency Palms Australia has been recruiting Australian Catholics to meet the request of communities in various countries for over 56 years.

palms02 250To support recruitment of skilled Australians to fill requests from the Pacific, Asia and Africa for this important mission, it will be most appreciated if you could assist these communities by including the attached banner with embedded links in your online communication. Sharing this appeal through your congregation and networks will enable successful, sustainable development which ultimately improves the lives of these communities.

Is your work not the vocation you expected?
Here is the living proof that you can provide sustainable solutions to global poverty and so create a more just world

Teacher Heather Henderson from Brisbane is mentoring teachers and youth. Her mission in community development with Haba na Haba, an inspiring Kenyan youth initiative, begins in November. It’s her third two-year placement with Palms.

Heather didn’t think about doing three placements when she began. Communities requesting volunteers are happy if you can come for 12 months.

Find out here how you can share your skills to build a just world in 2018.

palms01 450Phillip Cranley, from Adelaide came to Palms in early 2015 with experience in Workforce Planning at some of Australia’s biggest companies. For the next 2 years, his skills had real impact in Dili, Timor Leste, where he assisted the Dili Diocese’s Education Foundation to develop organisational and information management systems.

This strengthened the capacity of local staff in managing education services across 74 schools, but it also left Phil time to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Timor Leste.

Experience the satisfaction of one of the greatest contributions to human development that one can make. Palms volunteers have been doing this since 1961!

If you inquire now we can fit you into preparation for a 2018 placement.