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Monday, 07 September 2015 08:25

Emphatic No to Australia's Involvement to Bombing in Syria

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pax christi squarePax Christi Australia is a branch of the International Peace movement, Pax Christi International.

At our biennial conference representing members in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and including fraternal delegates from New Zealand, meeting in Melbourne on August 28-30, 2015, we resolved unanimously to bring to our politicians our emphatic opposition to the Australian government’s reported intention to bomb Islamic State targets within Syria.

Father Claude Mostowik msc, President of Pax Christi Australia, said that ‘any bombing in Syria will only add to the terrible death toll. He also said, ‘that such intervention would not significantly affect Islamic State but cause further suffering and dislocation of innocent people’.
Father Mostowik added that it could only lead to an increased sense of victimhood that would attract and appeal to idealistic young people throughout the world to support Islamic State.’

Any further intervention in Syria, as with Afghanistan and Iraq, will make Australia less safe and undermine the cohesion that people of goodwill strive to maintain within our society. Australia's bombing will do nothing to solve the conflicts in Syria, Iran and throughout the Middle East’, he said.

Father Mostowik has called on the Australian government:
• to not accept any invitation to bomb the Islamic State in Syria
• to do all in its power to bring food and medical supplies to civilians in Syria
• to open our doors to many more refugees from the Middle East,
• seek to contact those who are working for nonviolent solutions and who are working for a free, democratic and secular society in Syria.

For further information please contact:
(Father) Claude Mostowik msc
Pax Christi Australia