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Media Releases 2015

CRA’s President and members of the National Council speak on social concerns of our time through media releases and public statements.

Some of the areas they comment on include the place of women in the Catholic Church, human trafficking, being a neighbour in the Pacific, asylum seekers and refugee rights, indigenous issues and reconciliation, justice, peace and creation questions and ecology and sustainability.

tjhc logo150The Truth Justice and Healing Council (TJHC) has released guidelines for how Church authorities should respond when claims of child sexual abuse are made against them. The guidelines will come into effect from 1 January 2016 and aim to promote justice and consistency in the way the Church handles child sexual abuse claims and conduct litigation when taken to court.

acbc 150 logoThe Australian Catholic Bishops have expressed their deep sympathies for the hundreds of innocent people killed and maimed in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and reaffirm the call for unity in resolving to assist refugees fleeing the same violence and oppression.

tjhc logo150The Catholic Church’s Truth Justice and Healing Council has welcomed reports that the New South Wales and Victoria Governments have thrown their support behind the Royal Commission’s proposal for a national redress scheme for child sexual abuse survivors.

acbc 150 logoAustralian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) president, Archbishop Denis Hart, has written to a Parliamentary inquiry, offering the Church’s help for the Australian Government’s international work to abolish the death penalty.

acbc 150 logoAustralia's Catholic Bishops have condemned victimisation of women in detention and offered the Church's support to help Somali refugee Abyan who was said to be a victim of rape and sexual assault. Bishop Vincent Long, Bishops Delegate for Migrants, made the offer of support on behalf of the Church today.

Marcelle Mogg conference“It is not in the interests of Australian families or the Australian economy to expect low income families to do the heavy lifting when it comes to economic reform," said Marcelle Mogg, CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia in a media release.

caritas logo150Caritas Australia, the Catholic Church’s international aid and development agency, welcomes the Australian Labor Party’s announcement of a modest first step towards restoring Australia’s levels of aid and development funding.

tjhc logo150National consistent child safety laws and protocols for reporting to police are part of the Truth Justice and Healing Council’s recommendations to the Royal Commission’s Issues Paper 9: Addressing the risk of child sexual abuse in schools.

prison chaplain gathering 150The role of the prison chaplain goes far beyond just looking after the religious and spiritual needs of prisoners, Dr Ruth Webber told delegates at the inaugural Catholic Prison Chaplains National Gathering this weekend, an event organised by Fr Peter Carroll msc.

cross candles150Last week the Australian Anglican Roman Catholic Dialogue Group (AUSTARC) launched an Agreed Statement, “Called to Holiness in Australia” with the aim to to encourage the exploration of holiness by Anglicans and Roman Catholics at the parish level.

tjhc logo150The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has made a wide ranging raft of recommendations to governments across Australia relating to redress for survivors of child sexual abuse and reforms to legal processes involved in bringing abuse claims to court.

Sr Brigid Arthur csbSister Brigid Arthur, Acting Chair of the Australian Churches’ Refugee Taskforce, is delighted at the news of more places in Australia for Syrian refugees but calls for a stop to the government's policy of immigration detention and its participation in a bombing campaign in Syria.

tjhc logo150In a media release, the Catholic Church’s Truth Justice and Healing Council has called for the introduction of a new, consistent nation-wide criminal law requiring the reporting to the police of suspected child sexual abuse.

pax christi squarePax Christi Australia, the local branch of an international peace movement, have expressed their opposition to the Australian government’s reported intention to bomb Islamic State targets within Syria, according to a media release.

capsa logoRefugee Sunday is a day for big hearts. It takes a big heart to keep looking at the television screen when it shows desperate women and children dying on boats or turned away at borders. The Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA) welcomes everyone to join so that together we can turn more hearts and minds to compassion and build a collective voice for change.

caritas logo150Caritas Australia says the Australian Government’s new target to reduce carbon pollution by 26-28 per cent of 2005 levels by 2030 will be too little too late, for many of the global poor, including our Pacific neighbours.

candles150The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne has taken a strong stand against euthanasia in its submission presented to the Victorian Inquiry into End of Life Choices.

josephites justice officeJosephites believe that Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten’s proposed turnback policy directly contradicts the values of compassion, generosity and fairness being claimed by its proponents.

rca logoThe Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) has called on the Australian Government to urgently release details regarding the welfare of people on board the asylum seeker boat identified off the Western Australian coast to assure their families in their countries of origin of their safety.

Christian Brothers logo 150The Christian Brothers Oceania announced it has completed nearly 50% of re-examinations of past settled matters in Western Australia, in line with undertakings made at the Royal Commission in Perth.

tjhc logo150Pope Francis has approved a new Vatican department which will judge bishops accused of covering up or not preventing sexual abuse of children. The changes establish clear procedures to make bishops more accountable for abuse in their dioceses, even if they were not directly responsible for it and could also see bishops judged if they had failed to take measures to prevent sexual abuse of minors.

JRS logo150Jesuit Refugee Service Australia has called on Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to immediately rescue the Rohingya asylum seekers stranded off their coastlines. Head of Advocacy and Policy at JRS, Oliver White, says in the following statement that it is also essential that the Australian government work with ASEAN countries to find a solution to the region’s refugee crisis.

Good works launchThe Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations (ACCER) published a handbook today for Catholic employers and employees, entitled "Good Works: the Catholic Church as an employer in Australia".

BBI logiA world-first partnership between The Broken Bay Institute (BBI) and Saint Paul University (SPU) in Ottawa, Canada, will enable SPU to deliver the first pontifically recognised degree in Canon Law in Australia.

Thursday, 09 April 2015 11:49

Acclaimed UK author and preacher visits SA

TakeThePlunge150Renowned British author and theologian Dominican Father Timothy Radcliffe will arrive in Adelaide for a three-week tour of South Australia’s Catholic community, according to a media release from the Archdiocese of Adelaide.

tjhc logo150Generous financial payments, ongoing care and support and a meaningful apology should be key elements of a national child sexual abuse redress scheme according to the Catholic Church submission to the Royal Commission released on 23 March 2015.

josephites justice officeThe plan to cease funding Municipal and Essential Services (MUNS) to remote Aboriginal communities "will exacerbate further the health, educational, and social privation being suffered by Aboriginal Australians, and further undermine the progress being made to close the gap," said Congregation Leader Sister Monica Cavanagh in a media release.

francis sullivan150In a media release, Truth Justice and Healing Council CEO Francis Sullivan said the Royal Commission's public hearing into possible redress schemes for survivors of child sexual abuse will be one of the significant milestones in the work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

RSC Foundation logoTo celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Sisters of Charity in Australia, the Sisters of Charity Foundation has partnered with the Asylum Seekers Centre to provide emergency housing to asylum seekers who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, according to a media release.

tjhc logo150“The Pope has set a course to rid the Church of child sexual abuse regardless of the cost and the impact on reputations. It is now time for all Church leaders to get on board," says Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Healing Council.

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