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Thursday, 18 September 2014 09:10

Catholic Religious echo the words of Pope Francis

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At a time when calls for peace have grown ever more urgent amid new threats in the Middle East and Ukraine, Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) joins Pope Francis in urging the world to shed its apathy in the face of what Francis characterizes as a third world war: “one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction.”

CRA President Sr Berneice Loch rsm said that Pope Francis reminds us that “Hatred and evil are defeated by forgiveness and goodness”.

At its inaugural meeting, the newly elected Catholic Religious Australia Council renewed its hope for justice in our world and reaffirmed its commitment to pray and work for peace in all situations of tension and conflict in the world.

“Our hearts go out to those people who are displaced and suffering because of the wars and violence in their country,” said CRA President Sr Berneice Loch rsm. “We share Pope Francis’ concern that the human toll of senseless massacres and mindless wars has been met with apathy. With him, we call all to a conversion of heart that enables us to see all people as our sisters and brothers”.

The CRA Council echoed the words of Pope Francis:
“May the God of peace rouse in all an authentic desire for dialogue and reconciliation. Violence cannot be overcome with violence. Violence is overcome with peace!”

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CRA Justice Network Coordinator
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