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Friday, 05 October 2012 12:01

'Facing the Truth' resources

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The CRA website will provide a graphic link to this site very soon, where updates and details on the public hearings can be found.

Presently, the details of the first public hearings and a Fact Sheet on the Melbourne Response and Towards Healing have been added to the site. 

The Melbourne Response and Towards Healing are the two processes for responding to allegations of abuse, supporting victims in their process of healing, and dealing with offending clergy.

The core elements of both Melbourne Response and Towards Healing are:

  • Putting the victim first;
  • An investigation process that is independent of the Church Authority;
  • Respect for the police process;
  • A pursuit of healing, including an apology to victims and their families;
  • Counselling for victims and their families;
  • Compensation/reparation; and
  • Removal of offenders from all positions where they represent a risk.

More information can be found at Facing the Truth website.