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Friday, 18 November 2011 14:45

Caritas call for support for starving

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For many years, Caritas Australia has worked across the Horn of Africa, but the suffering across this great continent has never been as desperate as right now, with over 13.3 million people trying to survive what is being described as the worst drought in 60 years.

As the second largest, second most populous continent in the world, encompassing over a billion people and over fifty independent countries, as well as being, after Australia, the second driest continent on Earth, it is no wonder that drought affects so many people so often.

For many, many years, thanks to the support of Caritas donors, we’ve been working across East Africa to decrease the vulnerability of so many. Also during this terrible drought we have been able to provide live-giving food, water and humanitarian assistance to thousands. However, due to the sheer scale of the food crisis, we come to you and ask you to assist us in helping these most vulnerable people.  Many in your community have and for this we are most grateful.

Till 30 November, the Australian Government, recognising the great need in Africa, through AusAid, will continue to match dollar-for-dollar public donations* specifically for humanitarian emergency and early recovery activities in East Africa.

While during the coming months, and indeed years, Caritas Australia will continue to support East Africa with life-giving aid, the Caritas network believe that the best short and long-term solution to this devastating hunger is for communities to focus on harvesting and storing water.   We will continue, in drought-stricken zones, our work of slowing rivers and streams, building boreholes, micro-dams, ponds, reservoirs and installing water points.  Alongside this we will provide resilient breeds of goat and drought-resistant seeds as well as tech farmers agricultural techniques that will help them through the dry periods.

We ask that if you are able to assist our work, please make a donation to our East Africa Appeal before 30 November.  AusAid’s matching program only matches funds that can be proven to be from individual donations and not from corporate or philanthropic organisations.

To donate, please call 1800 024 413 or donate through our website