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Sunday, 13 August 2017 20:19

Everybody’s Business: Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy

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dignity and workThe 2017 Social Justice Statement is titled: ‘Everyone’s Business: Developing an inclusive and sustainable economy’ and calls for an economy that is founded on justice and offers dignity and inclusion to every person.

The Statement calls us to build an economy founded on true solidarity with those who are most vulnerable. Such a society will reject an ‘ideology of the market’ that forgets the principles of justice and equity. Justice must be built into the very foundations of our community, and business can work for everybody’s benefit, not just for shareholders. The excluded and vulnerable must have a voice in decision-making. God is calling us to use his bounty wisely, for the good of all and of our planet.

The 2017–18 Social Justice Statement, Everyone’s Business, will be launched on 7 September. Social Justice Sunday falls on 24 September. The Statement will be accompanied by prayer cards, a ‘ten steps’ leaflet, and a PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded from the ACSJC website.

The ACSJC website will have resources available for download free of charge before Social Justice Sunday. They will include Social Justice Sunday Liturgy Notes, a PowerPoint presentation and resources for schools and social justice groups. Prayer Cards and ‘Ten Steps’ leaflets can be ordered from the ACSJC on (02) 8306 3499 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For further details about the Social Justice Statement, visit the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council website ( or call (02) 8306 3499.

Click here to go to the ACSJC page on the 2017–18 Social Justice Statement, Everyone’s Business.2017–18 Social Justice Statement, Everyone’s Business.