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Monday, 07 December 2015 12:28

Fairness in costs, responsibilities and opportunities in the post-2015 Sustainability Agenda

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shanty town 150In its Discussion Paper, "Goals for the Rich - Indispensable for a Universal Post-2015 Agenda", the Civil Society Reflection Group on Global Development Perspectives states that for the Sustainable Development Goals to be truly universal and global, the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities (CBDR) must be applied.

In this regard, the rich and powerful have special responsibilities: those that are of particular relevance to the internal affairs of all including rich countries, requiring changes in their domestic policies (»domestic sustainability targets«); those that address the need to change domestic policies in order to reduce negative external effects beyond a country’s borders (»do-no-harm targets«); and those that zero in on their international duties and responsibilities (»international responsibility targets«).

Download and read "Goals for the Rich Indispensable for a Universal Post-2015 Agenda Discussion Paper" (PDF). 

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